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Coaching Managers & Emerging Leaders

Do your leaders possess the management training they need to take your company to the next level?

Are you concerned those youve already promoted may suffer from a lack of managerial experience and skill?

Your success is our success. We provide coaching and management training that produces measurable performance improvements for both individuals and teams, enabling you to measure the results. Through systems thinking, proactive communication, conflict resolution, personal development, and the abilities connected to effectively motivating team members, we can show you how to elicit the best from everyone involved.

  • Our coaching management training services include:
  • Next Level Leadership Program
  • Corporate University
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Training Workshops

Corporate University

Corporate University is our proprietary series that combines management training with group coaching labs.We further reinforce these initial trainings by pairing them with a selection of short-term coaching sessions, working one-on-one with each manager. In doing so, we successfully enable them to identify key goals and metrics, develop a strategy and GPS to achieve it, and discover new ways to communicate.

Are any of these challenges a concern for you:

  • Lack of engagement?
  • Low morale?
  • Employee attrition?
  • Employee burnout?
  • Decrease in productivity?
  • Conflict and communication issues?
  • Succession indecision?
  • Accountability?
  • Lack of goal achievement?

A sample Corporate University workshop might include:

  • Creating a customer-centric culture
  • Developing a culture of engagement
  • Leadership training
  • Techniques for managing others
  • Personal efficiency and productivity through self-management

Success Story

Challenge: A midsize non-profit was growing rapidly. The people who had been promoted to management had great technical knowledge, including finance, contracts, human resources and operations but few, if any, had the leadership expertise to guide their respective teams.

Solution: We brought in Corporate University.

Results: We were able to build the leadership competency of the organization as a whole while instituting highly-effective management practices throughout members of the individual executive teams.

Impact: Leaders were able to inspire and influence team members that reported to them. And staff engagement assessments improved by 30%.

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