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Our coaches help business leaders develop the skills and successful work habits that produce desired results. Whether you want to communicate more effectively, implement strategic goals or achieve the results you have always hoped for, our coaches can help you reach your milestones.

We partner with you to move your company forward.

The ROI of Executive Coaching to Business Leaders

Recent research on the impact of executive coaching indicates that an executive coach improves a business leaders productivity which can help fuel growth and profitability. Executive coaching helps managers be able to manage themselves, manage others and manage change.

A recent study by the Manchester Group measured the ROI of 100 managers and executives of Fortune 1000 companies who received customized Executive Coaching. The results of the research released an average of 5.7 ROI (Return On Investment) with an average estimated savings exceeding $100,000. The most significant ROI was in:

Areas of Growth


Productivity Improvements


Organizational Strength


Quality Improvement


Customer Service




Direct Report and Supervision


Improved Relationships




Working Relations with Peers


We are proud that our consultations consistently produce award-winning companies, earning distinctions that include:

  • Wall Street Journal, Best Places to Work
  • Boston Business Journal, Fastest Growing Companies
  • Baldrige, Excellence Award
  • Best Small & Medium Places to Work
  • Best Woman-Led Companies
  • Stevie Award
  • MIDDIE Award

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Success Story

Challenge: An entrepreneur who had grown her company exponentially had reached a plateau. She was still the centrifugal vortex of all decisions and strategies. She spent more time answering emails than creating a compelling vision to engage staff.Although she was a brilliant technician, there was a deficit of leadership skills that had been camouflaged by early organizational growth. She discovered that if she wanted the company to grow (and also wanted to have some semblance of a life beyond that company), something had to change in regard to her leadership skills.

Solution: After a year of our CEO/leadership coaching, her leadership style was transformed. Coaching enabled her to effectively build the management team.

Results: Soon thereafter, she introduced a teamwork mentality that incorporated the creative thinking of the entire group to develop a strategic plan for future growth. She also began delegating to and mentoring her leadership team. Plus, she developed a board of advisors who helped keep her accountable.
Impact: The management team was more empowered to make and implement decisions to help drive the company to the next level of growth. And growth they achieved: increasing sales by 30 percent!

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