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Management Training

Bringing Your Company & its Leaders to the Next Level of Success

Often companies promote workers to management level who demonstrate a valuable technical skill in their field without giving them any training on how to be a successful manager. Unfortunately, these technical skills do not translate into qualified managerial skills that will lead companies to the next level of success. To bring companies to that level of success, Atlantic Consultants has created a management training program that can be customized to address your company's unique needs.

Our Management Training Program(s) Will Teach Your Leaders to:

  • Build a cohesive, productive team
  • Successfully manage others
  • Successfully self manage
  • Successfully create and manage change
  • Close the gap between managed and leadership
  • Understand their role as a manager
  • Positively impact their reports
  • Use their management style to effectively motivate others
  • Channel their actions, attitudes and assumptions to positively influence their performance

Our leadership management training includes:

  • Pre workshop assessment
  • Unique action learning training modules
  • Coaching labs to follow up learning


  • What is a Leader?
  • Coaching Skills for Mangers
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Managing Self
  • Managing Others
  • Managing Change
  • What is Your Story? Presentation Skills for Leaders.
  • Building a High Performance Team
  • Communication Skills for Leaders

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Success Story

Challenge: A midsize non-profit was growing rapidly.The people who had been promoted to management had great technical knowledge, including finance, contracts, human resources and operations but few, if any, had the leadership expertise to guide their respective teams.

Solution: We brought in Corporate University.
Results: We were able to build the leadership competency of the organization as a whole while instituting highly-effective management practices throughout members of the individual executive teams.

Leaders were able to inspire and influence team members that reported to them. And staff engagement assessments improved by 30%.

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