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Partnerships and family business have a great deal in common: the entrepreneurial dynamics; difficulties around the 7 Rs of Effective Partnerships or Family Business that are percolating. If unresolved difficulties are not addressed, they are pervasive within the culture of the business.

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Success Story

Challenge: We were contacted by a third generation family firm that was in the process of transferring the firm to two siblings when conflict reached a crescendo. We were called in to help with identifying and addressing the sources of conflict and miscommunication and see if theis relationship could be healed enough to be able to carry on the leadership.

Solution: We conducted a thorough assessment and identification of key issues, and scheduled a retreat with the current CEO (their father) and the two siblings. As a result of the retreat, it was clear that the conflict was actually between the siblings and the father and had ricocheted to the two siblings. Once this was identified, we could work through the correct conflict, resolve it and build the sibling team.

Results: After several months of individual coaching, team coaching, and communication and conflict resolution skills training, they were able to resolve the misunderstandings; solidify their bond as sibling partners; and proceed with the steps to transfer ownership.

Success Story

One of our key clients was considering bringing in a partner to the business. As previous attempts had ended badly he agreed our 3 step assessment was a value-add to the process.

Step 1: After he had met with the candidate for an initial conversation, we began the Assessments which included a DISC assessment and a Pre-Partnership Analysis assessment. After analyzing the results we met with him and developed the behavior assessment questions to do the behavioral interview.

Step 2: The behavioral interview revealed that there was a gap in values and work ethic that might cause future conflict.

Step 3: We used the team interview and role play to further challenge this gap. With pre-designed score cards to objectively assess this persons skills, communication style, and self management, the team assessed that he was not going to be an ideal fit. The ROI of this was over 15 times the investment.

Results: After three candidates went through the process, we decided on a final candidate who has now contributed to the companys growth and has helped develop the staff to a new level of competence.

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