Executive Coaching For Senior Leadership

Professional Business CoachingDo you wonder why unanticipated consequences often undermine best intentions for yourself or the leaders in your company?

Are your results falling short of expectations?

Are best efforts thwarted by an inability to achieve buy-in to change?

Blind spots and isolation can decrease a leader's perspective and impact, which is not a good combination given the fact that a company's success depends on its leaders ability to inspire, engage, motivate and hold accountable.

The good news is: excellence in leadership can be learned.

Executive Services

We can help fill in the gaps. Our leadership training and coaching develops the key individuals within your organization, providing a system of assessment, training, implementation and accountability that result in leadership excellence. We are proud that our consultations consistently produce award-winning companies, earning distinctions that include:

  • Wall Street Journal, Best Places to Work
  • Boston Business Journal, Fastest Growing Companies
  • Baldrige, Excellence Award
  • Best Small & Medium Places to Work
  • Best Woman-Led Companies
  • Stevie Award
  • MIDDIE Award

We partner with you. And together, we move your company forward.

What is next after you have built and sold the business?

Navigating the Journey from Exit to Reinvention

  • What will be your legacy?
  • What is next? New ventures? Board work?
  • What are the possibilities?
  • What is your next endeavor?
  • What is your Personal Strategic Plan?
  • How do you want to commit your time?

Executive Coaching Success Story


A professional service firm was facing the prospect of losing key talent as several partners were unable to leverage their leadership to inspire commitment. Clients were impacted as partners were unable to deliver on time due to a lack of delegation.


Each partner was evaluated using our 360 and DISC assessments, identifying blind spots that were thwarting the motivation of their direct reports. Examples included: micromanaging, volatile reactions and blame. We helped them set S.M.A.R.T. goals for each, developing proactive habits that enabled partners to become true leaders.


Talent exodus abated. Customer satisfaction rating improved. Leaders increased their emotional intelligence (EQ) and found new ways to lead, inspiring engagement.


Emerging leaders began to feel more confident and made a renewed commitment to the firm. Clients reported an increase in satisfaction with service.

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