Eliane Markoff, MBA
Senior Consultant

Eliane Markoff

Eliane Markoff's career has been primarily in the high tech and biotech industries managing international programs and staff. She collaborated with researchers and engineers to initiate innovative products and services. She also was responsible for the development of programs and tools that leveraged intellectual capital across a Fortune 500 company. Eliane is a certified mediator focusing on business mediation. She continues to coach executives and technical professionals in leadership and management skills.

Education & Experience

Eliane was an Adjunct Professor for Management and Organizational Behavior at Bentley University for graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

She is the Co-Founder of Art in Giving LLC, www.artingiving.com, a company that promotes the fine arts to benefit childhood cancer research and other health initiatives.

She is the trustee of The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation dedicated to helping families cope with childhood cancer. She is on the Board of Trustees for Wheelock College and the Business Advisory Board for Castlewood Surgical, a start up medical device company. She is a member of the Leadership Council for The Kenneth Schwartz Center at Mass General Hospital and has been a member of the Board of Overseers for Newton Wellesley Hospital and the Board of Trustees for The National Brain Tumor Society.

Eliane is one of the Wellesley residents honored in 2012 by the Wellesley Free Library Foundation as an individual who has had an impact within and beyond the Wellesley Community. Eliane was honored in 2011 with the Giving Back Award by Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (WEST).

She is also featured in Bill Brett's 2012 Book Inspirational Women of Boston.

She is fluent in French and Arabic. She earned her MBA from Boston College and her BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She lives in Wellesley with her husband and daughter.


  • Mediation
  • Assess an organizations business challenges and objectives. Provide advice on and help implement strategy and tactics to address the challenges and to meet the objectives.
  • Analyze and assess organizational structure to propose changes to improve their business development and marketing strategy.
  • Coach executives to improve their leadership and management skills to make them better more effective leaders and managers.
  • Create the infrastructure to ensure collaboration between key organizations; create bridges within organizations for operational effectiveness.
  • Design and deliver workshops focusing on systems engineering.
  • Mediate conflict in the workplace.
  • Provide counseling to those who are experiencing any level of grief and ensure greater productivity in the workplace.
  • Improve performance of executives by making them more in tune to the emotional as well as intellectual needs of their staff and subordinates.

Target Problems

  • Family Business Conflicts/ Succession
  • Weakness in leadership or management skills
  • Lack of motivation and low productivity
  • Lack of effective team work
  • Ineffective organizational reporting structure


  • More effective collaboration and greater productivity
  • Effective strategic planning
  • Effective teamwork
  • Align vision with action
  • Empowering and engaging employees to achieve their best