Richard L. Eppig
Senior Consultant

Richard Eppig

An expert in implementing business process improvement, Richard has achieved significant performance gains for his clients. He has guided organizations of all sizes including many of the nations leading companies in both the service and manufacturing sectors.

Working with clients, the first step is frequently to identify the areas of greatest opportunity based on the organizations strategy and position in their markets combined with clearly defining their objectives. Richard has provided a broad range of services, ranging from customized, organization-wide, process improvement systems to specific, project or process focused team guidance.

Creation of cross-functional teams typically involves real-time training in the use of appropriate tools followed by use of proven leadership, facilitation and change management skills to guide the team to produce appropriate results. Significant emphasis is placed on providing clients with the knowledge and tools to identify opportunities for improvement and to continue their process improvement efforts after the consulting engagement has ended.

Richard has 43 years of experience in management, planning, process improvement and performance measurement. He has been a consultant for 14 years, primarily focusing on process improvement and measurement systems (including Balanced Scorecard), both running his own company, SMCG, and working for other consulting organizations. Previously, he held key positions in Fortune 100 companies including General Electric, TRW, Rockwell International and Daimler-Benz.

Education & Experience

Richard has a BSEE from Ohio State University, is a graduate of General Electrics Manufacturing Management Program and has a Six Sigma Black Belt from Motorola University. He is very active with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, being an examiner with them since 1992 and actively involved with the Massachusetts and Ohio state level programs, and the Department of Veterans Affairs Carey Award program.