DISC Assessment


The DISC Assessments give leaders the self-knowledge to success.

Results of DISC:

  • Insight into how your style impacts your leadership
  • Increase leadership effectiveness
  • Increase team productivity
  • Increase communication skills
  • Motivate & manage reports
  • Improve sales closing techniques
  • Resolve/prevent conflict

What a DISC Does:

  • Describes your personality characteristics and leadership style
  • Helps you understand various styles
  • Communication style
  • Motivation
  • Management style
  • Job compatibility

Variations of DISC Assessments

  • DISC Work of Leaders → describes your style for leadership and how you set a vision, create alignment, and execute on results.
  • Personality profile
  • Team profile/assessment
  • TEAM assessment

DISC Assessment Success Story


Blind spots that prevent a potential leader from being successful in a high tech company.


After providing an assessment of both personality and drive through DISC assessment, we conducted the 360 assessment, measuring the impact that personality and drive have on direct reports and the resulting level of success. In addition, smart goals were set with regular feedback provided on the progression of the program.


Better able to achieve confidence and competence as a leader.


Produced noticeable increases in leadership presence, resulting in higher employee engagement and more collaborative teamwork.

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