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"Navigating the Journey... from Entrepreneur to Leader"
Next Panel Event: Monday, March 25, 2019

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"A Leadership Speaker Series"
Next CEO Café Event:  Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Pan-Mass Challenge

Atlantic Consultants Supports the Pan-Mass Challenge Fight Against Cancer!

In addition to donating all of the revenues from our June 11th Atlantic Leaderpreneur® Panel event to the PMC to fight cancer, Bonni DiMatteo will ride again! To learn why Bonni rides, click here.
To learn more about Bonni's 2018 ride, click here.


Atlantic Leaderpreneur® Panel - Past Event
October 22, 2018

Left to Right: Bonni Carson DiMatteo, Co-Founder, Atlantic Consultants & Atlantic Leaderpreneur®; Bob Furlong, CEO (former), Copley Flair; Torrey Fazen, CEO, Alipes; Dave Will, CEO (former) Peach.

Come learn lessons from our successful panelists which might help you avoid pitfalls they've already encountered. Join us for our next upcoming event on March 25, 2019!