With the competitive nature of modern business, aligning your organization has never been more crucial to lasting success. This process often requires a focused, uninterrupted block of time, especially when addressing significant business lifecycle issues or culture challenges.

We offer a wide array of 1 to 3-day retreats designed to facilitate positive, open communication among the members of your executive team. Proven to strategically increase the productivity of any organization no matter how big or small our retreats include:

Corporate Retreats

  • Strategic Planning
  • Exit Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Strategies for Success: Personal and Professional Life Balance
  • Team Building
  • Improving Communication
  • Corporate Renewal and Refocus
  • Managing Change and Transition

Family Business Retreats

  • Succession Planning
  • Evolving Conflicts to Collaboration
  • Managing Change
  • Communication

Executive Retreats

  • Values, Vision, Mission
  • Setting and Prioritizing Goals
  • Being Partners: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Strategies for Success: Personal and Professional Life Balance
  • Improving Communication
  • Renewal and Refocus
  • Managing Change and Transition

Corporate Retreat Success Story

Post M/A Challenge:

A multinational publishing firm had merged within the previous year. They now had leaders on four continents. Cross-functional collaboration was stressed by different time zones, cultural values and styles. Most of the leaders (from different countries) had never met.


We developed a two-day face-to-face retreat to meet, learn about each other and gather their divergent knowledge, expertise and perspective into helping the merger succeed and the company to grow.


They left with a new commitment to collaboration as well as a unified vision, values, mission and goals for the company all resulting in a new sense of camaraderie and teamwork they had not experienced since the merger.


The merger succeeded. Through cross-continental collaboration, they were able to align vision and goals and create a culture that helped international staff adapt.

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